Pietraviva is a small family-run B&B, and maybe you would like to know something about us.
We started our adventure in 2007. Our mum was running someone else’s B&B and, led by her enthusiasm, we decided to open our own to have the chance to meet new people and, why not saying that, make some extra money.
We have never stopped since then. Year after year, we worked on making our trullo more and more comfortable for your pleasant weekends or long holidays.
Let’s introduce us. We are 4 in our family.
Anna, the mum: nothing would be possible without her. Every morning she offers guests new different cakes and plenty of delicious food, so that breakfast looks like a banquet!

Domenico, the dad: he is our factotum: he fixes broken things, he takes care of our vegetable garden and makes sure our trullo is always perfectly white.
Then there’s me and my brother Giovanni.
Giovanni is a chef and fond of bikes. Sometimes he is not at home, but when he is here just ask for a really delicious dinner!
I’m Benedetta, I do many things, but above all I work in digital marketing. Usually I’m the one who welcomes you in our B&B. In order to let you fully experience our beautiful Apulia, I’ll also give you information about the best  places to visit, the best places where you can eat and all the events in Cisternino and the nearby towns.